Shure PG58 is a Dynamic Vocal Microphone that’s sure to impress.

The Shure PG58 is yet another example from Shure, of a microphone that far outperforms it’s price range. It’s a name brand mic, that’s affordable, and lives up to the high quality standard that it’s maker is known for.

The Shure PG58 is globally acclaimed for its performance when used for Live Vocals, Karaoke and Onstage performances.

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The Shure PG58 Dynamic Microphone is from the “Performance Gear” line, and is one of the most popular Shure microphones, critically acclaimed for its low price, crisp clear sound, and rugged durability.

Most cheap and no name mics not only have durability problems and produce muffled sound, but they are also usually plagued with handling noise, which reduces the audio quality. However, with this name brand Shure PG58, there’s no need to worry about any of that, as handling noise is almost nonexistent, due to the internal shock mount.

The Shure PG58 microphone is built with a metal construction ensuring high durability, while the ball grille is built with a tough mess of hardened steel. As with all Shure microphones, the Shure PG 58 should last for a long, long time, maintaining complete and perfect functionality.

Shure developed the Shure PG58 specifically for vocal recording, optimizing and enabling it to capture vocal presence and clarity.

The Shure PG58 mic is a really good microphone, and is great for the money, but if you’re looking for a similar mic, of slightly higher quality, then the Shure SM58 Microphone may be a better choice for you. The Shure SM58 mic allows for extra gain, and an increase in clarity and crispness. You can find a review of the Shure SM58 Microphone here, as it’s the next level up from the Shure PG58. However, The Shure PG58 is still a really nice mic, and it’s widely considered to be great for the money and easily worth-while, so both are excellent choices, it all depends on your needs.

The frequency response of the Shure PG58 is 60 to 15,000 Hz.

Another great feature of the Shure PG58 is the built in pop filter, which reduces unwanted popping sounds and wind noise.  It’s also capable of handling extreme volume levels, without distorting the audio or losing sound clarity, due to the rugged coil of the dynamic cartridge inside the mic.

An on/off switch is built into the Shure PG58, for convenience, allowing the microphone to be switched to on or off, by the performer, without difficulty. A simple but essential feature for an onstage or live performance mic.

The Shure PG58 is a reliable mic, that does what it promises, and is a magnificent choice for anyone on a budget, as it really delivers for the money.

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The Shure SM58 Microphone is considered the industry standard of Vocal Microphones by audio recording professionals, as it set the bar for cardioid dynamic vocal mics. Surprisingly, it comes at a price point that simply can’t be beat for the stunning quality that it delivers.

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The Shure SM58 Microphone is the difference maker in terms of audio quality and voice clarity, as it can deliver a tremendous amount of gain without causing any vocal distortion, all while capturing superior crisp, clear sound.

Extreme Durability is a term often used to describe the Shure SM58 Microphone, as it’s rugged construction features metal casing, complete with a steel mesh grille, making it virtually indestructible. Seriously, these SM 58 Microphones can take a viscous beating, and continue working properly without any noticeable effects.

Specializing in professional vocal performance, live performances, studio recording, home recording, and professional voiceovers, the Shure SM58 Microphone was designed to be a revolutionary vocal mic, and remarkably, it lives up to the challenge. The Shure SM58 Microphone is also great for recording podcasts.

The Shure SM58 Microphone allows for an excellent proximity effect, which is essentially when the bass increases as the speaker or performer gets closer to the mic. However, if the performer is more than eight to twelve inches away from the microphone, the microphone may have trouble properly picking up the sound.

The Shure SM58 Microphone is excellent for those who like having the mic very close to their mouth, but for those who prefer to stay about a foot away from the mic, when singing or speaking into it, The Shure SM57 model would probably be a better choice. The SM57 mic is very similar to the Shure SM58 Microphone, and a review of the Shure SM57 Microphone can be found here. However, if the distance isn’t a issue, then the Shure SM58 Microphone is the mic to go with if you’re looking for a good vocal mic.

The Shure SM58 Microphone has a shock mount built inside of it, which virtually guarantees that there will be no unwanted handling noise picked up by the mic, which helps to maintain a clean high quality sound.

Also contributing to the high quality of the sound produced with the Shure SM58 Microphone, is the internal pop stopper, which prevents undesirable popping noises from mixing in and interfering with the sound.

The frequency response of the Shure SM58 Microphone is 50 Hz to 15,000 Hz.

The Shure SM58 Microphone is very easy to use, it does NOT require phantom power, and it is probably the most popular vocal microphone and most used stage mic in the world.

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